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Troubleshooting the Azure Sensor pack deployment

Updated: Apr 11

The initial deployment of the Azure sensor pack on a PRTG probe may not work as expected. This blog entry covers various situations you may encounter and suggests how to identify and fix possible issues.

Before starting the troubleshooting part, make sure the following tasks has been performed:

  • Azure sensor pack files have been extracted and deployed into the PRTG Probe EXEXML directory as explained in our deployment guide (also available online - click the little PDF icon to open the document)

  • License activation has been done as explained in How to apply the Azure sensor license Blog

  • The Azure sensor pack has been configured using our UI and the AutoMonX Azure Service has been installed (see our deployment guide for details).

Below is an example of our UI - note the "Install Service" button. It is assumed that

you installed the service after filling all the relevant details and after saving them by

pressing Apply.

If something went wrong during the configuration steps or during Auto Discovery, firstly use the "Check Config" button in our UI to initiate a self check routine that will review your Azure sensor pack deployment. Make sure that the output of the configuration check looks as below.

Troubleshooting Check Config Results

  • Some or all the tests marked in Error - make sure the tasks specified above have been fully performed

  • The Azure Sensor pack Service is not able to start - make sure that the connection to Azure is successful and that the license has been applied

  • Connection to Azure marked in Error - make sure you have filled the correct credentials to access Azure and pressed the Apply button. Also make sure that the the firewall (local or organizational) has been configured to allow the PRTG probe to access Azure API. Below are the security requirements of the Azure sensor pack:

After fixing the issues discovered by the Check Config, run it again to make sure all the issues were successfully cleared.

Configuration Check works OK but PRTG Sensors show "Socket Error"

Make sure that the PRTG "Probe setting for Monitoring" tab of the PRTG Probe Administration tool, has the following setting (auto for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses) and restart the Probe service if modified.

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