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NewRelic - PRTG Integration 

The NewRelic-PRTG integration brings data from a Software as a Service (SAAS) leading Application Performance (APM) vendor into the on-premise PRTG Network Monitor.
Customers can watch the graphs, set limits on NewRelic metrics and assign notifications from a familiar user interface

PRTG - Micro Focus Integration - BETA

The PRTG-Microfocus ITOM Suite integration synchronizes PRTG status changes to Microfocus NNMi and/or OMi) via the AutoMonX Smart Notifications engine called SmartNotif.
The AutoMonX SmartNotif filters irrelvant noise and passes only important notifications.


 NewRelic - Micro Focus Integration - BETA

The NewRelic-Microfocus ITOM Suite integration securely synchronizes NewRelic Alarms to on-premise Microfocus OMi  or legacy OM

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