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Discovering your Azure Multi Tenant Estate

Updated: Jan 15

Some organizations are handling multiple Azure tenants due to various reasons. These could be due mergers and acquisitions, separation of business activities, MSP / CSP scenarios etc.

Our Azure sensor pack is capable of discovering and monitoring multiple Azure tenants and this blog explains the technical details of its operation.

The first step to discover multiple tenants, would be either using our UI or CLI to add the connection profile of each tenant you plan to monitor:

You need to specify the full connection details of each Azure tenant and press Apply to save them. Pressing Config Check will validate the connection to Azure and the ability to obtain

information about the tenant. The configuration check will run in the context of the chosen tenant connection profile. Below you can see how a good connectivity check looks like:

The first tenant connection profile is always saved in the AutoMonx_AzureSensor.ini file, in the Azure Sensor installation directory. This is a compatibility option aimed at those that start with a single tenant and later-on add more tenants. Any additional tenants are added to the AzureConnProfiles.ini file.

Automating the Addition of Tenants

If you have a large number of Azure tenants, you may want to use our extensive CLI to add the connection profiles via a script.

# Create a connection profile

AutoMonX_AzureCollector.exe -create_conn_profile -tenant_label "Display Label" -azure_appid <AppID> -azure_secretkey <Secret Key>