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Microsoft Azure Sensor Pack

AutoMonX has developed the Azure Sensor pack, a comprehensive monitoring product for monitoring Microsoft Azure cloud environments with PRTG integration.

These unique sensors are extending the power of PRTG to monitor the various aspects of Microsoft Azure’s resources and services.

The Azure sensor pack currently supports auto-discovery and monitoring of 40 Azure resource types. Many more resources are supported out-of-the-box as long as their monitoring metrics are enabled in Azure.

Read all about our sensor pack in this blog article by Paessler 

Multiple Azure Tenants Auto-Discovery and Monitoring is now available!  Contact us for special prices for Multi tenant Azure environments.


The Azure sensor pack is licensed per PRTG Probe installation. See our blog on how to obtain an evaluation license.

  • SQL Database​ (SAAS)

  • Certificates

  • AppService Plans (Server Farms)

  • Web Sites

  • Storage Accounts

  • CloudApp

  • Database Accounts 

  • Billing

  • Notification Hubs

  • Network Interfaces

  • Connections

  • Virtual Network Gateways

  • Azure Kubernetes Cluster AKS Metrics

  • Azure Kubernetes AKS Deployments

  • Azure Kubernetes AKS Internal Deployments

  • Azure VM Multi-Disk

  • Health Advisories NEW

  • Azure Advisor NEW

  • Batch Accounts

  • Redis 

  • Data Factory

  • Scheduler

  • Search Services 

  • Service Bus

  • Service Bus Queues

  • Service Bus Namespace 

  • Service Health

  • Virtual Machines

  • Batch Accounts

  • Disks 

  • Operational Insights 

  • LogicApp 

  • Azure Backup 

  • Azure App Secret Key

  • Storage File Share NEW

  • Service Issues NEW

  • Planned Maintenance NEW

  • Quota NEW

  • Host Pool NEW

  • Reservations NEW

NEW: Also available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Monitor Azure in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Download and install PRTG Free Trial

  2. Download the Azure Sensor Pack and extract in EXEXML directory

  3. Request an evaluation license and update the license file

  4. Run Azure Auto- Discovery and add results to PRTG via Monitoring Automation

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