Microsoft Azure Sensor Pack

AutoMonX has developed a custom PRTG sensor pack for monitoring Microsoft Azure cloud environments.


These unique sensors are utilizing the power of PRTG to monitor the various aspects of Microsoft Azure’s resources and services.

The sensor pack currently supports auto-discovery and monitoring of 18 Azure resource types

Read all about our sensor pack in this blog article by Paessler 

  • SQL Database​

  • Certificate

  • ServerFarms

  • WebSites

  • StorageAccounts

  • CloudApp

  • DatabaseAccounts 

  • Namespaces

  • Billing

  • BatchAccounts

  • Redis 

  • DataFactory

  • Scheduler

  • SearchServices 

  • ServiceBus

  • Service Bus Queues

  • Service Health

  • VirtualMachine


Monitor Azure in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Download and install PRTG Free Trial

  2. Download the Azure Sensor Pack and extract in EXEXML directory

  3. Request an evaluation license and update the license file

  4. Run Azure Auto- Discovery and add results to PRTG via Monitoring Automation


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