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Configuring Azure for Monitoring with the Azure Sensor Pack

This article covers the procedure of how to configure your Azure cloud for monitoring with the AutoMonX Azure Sensor pack. You need to obtain three items to configure a connection profile in the Azure Sensor pack: App ID, Tenant ID and Secret Key.

Quick run through of the flow after you login into your Azure Portal:

  1. Register an App

  2. Assign the App ID to Subscriptions

  3. Retrieve the App ID and Tenant ID

  4. Retrieve the Azure Secret Key

  5. Add special settings for monitoring Secret Keys

1. Register an App Select Azure Active Directory -> App registrations -> New registration

In the next windows:

  • Choose an application name (for example azure_monitor1).

  • Select Accounts in this organizational directory only (Single tenant)

  • Select Web and fill a URL (i.e.

  • And Click Register

2. Assign the App ID to relevant Subscription(s)