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Monitoring Products

Extend  PRTG with our Monitoring Products

HPE 3PAR Sensor Pack
Microsoft Azure Sensor Pack

AutoMonX has developed 22 custom PRTG sensors for
monitoring the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise 3PAR and Primera

storage devices. These unique sensors are extending the power of PRTG to monitor the various aspects hardware and performance of 3PAR and Primera.               

NEW Extensive coverage of HPE Primera was added in Dec 2020 

AutoMonX has developed the Azure Sensor pack, a comprehensive monitoring product for Microsoft Azure cloud environments. The sensor pack currently supports auto-discovery and in-depth monitoring of 40 Azure resource types. Many more resources are supported out-of-the-box as long as their monitoring metrics are enabled in Azure. 


NEW  Multiple Azure Tenants support and new sensor types were added to the Sensor pack 

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Linux Sensor Pack 

AutoMonX Ltd has developed a custom PRTG sensor pack for monitoring various flavors of Linux servers. These unique sensors are extending PRTG to monitor multiple aspects of Linux server performance, utilization and security. The sensor pack currently supports auto-discovery and monitoring of 14 sensor types

Cisco ACI Monitoring Pack NEW  

AutoMonX has developed a feature-rich monitoring pack for Cisco ACI environments. The ACI Monitoring pack can discover and monitor Cisco ACI physical and logical components managed by multiple APIC servers. Our monitoring pack has native integration with Grafana and InfluxDB as well as with Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. The Cisco ACI monitoring pack currently supports auto-discovery and monitoring of 31 metric types with extremely quick Time to Value (15 minutes from installation!)

3PAR Sensor - Cage Status

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