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Securing your Azure Sensor Pack Configuration

The AutoMonX Azure Sensor pack needs to store the Azure credentials in order to connect to the Azure API. You can encrypt your Azure credentials by using our UI as seen in the screenshot below. Just click on the Encrypt check boxes for each credential type.

Important: There is no way to decrypt the credentials using our UI or any of our software modules. Our suggestion is to encrypt only the Azure Secret key as you may not be able to identify your Tenant or AppID in order to recover the secret key.

The credentials are kept in the following INI files:

AzureSensor.ini (Single or Multiple tenants)

AzureConnProfiles.ini (Multi-tenant only)

Encrypting Azure connections details via CLI

You can also encrypt the Azure credentials by using the following CLI command as seen below. You can encrypt the AppID, Secret Key or Tenant ID. For easier identification of your Azure Tenant and AppID it is suggested to only encrypt the Azure Secret Key.

Automonx_AzureCollector.exe -enc_data <Azure Secret Key>

Expected output:


Add this string to the AzureConnectionProfiles.ini file to the relevant tenant


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