PRTG Add-Ons

PRTG Health Reporter

AutoMonX has developed a tailor-made Health Reporter for large deployments of PRTG. Now customers can get a comprehensive report on the status of their PRTG deployment. Core and probe servers are scanned for their operating system status of Memory, disk and PRTG services. General monitoring health indicators are also gathered and included in the report.


PRTG Data Exporter

The PRTG Data exporter was developed for customers that wish to export data gathered by PRTG to external systems such as Business Intelligence, Big Data or SQL databases.


PRTG Smart Notifications
  • Sends only real problems to IT teams

  • Categorizes notifications to Faults and Monitoring-related issues

  • Filters monitoring-related issues (optionally sends to PRTG Admin)

  • Supports SMTP,  SNMP Traps, Text Log and Telegram


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