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How do I apply the Azure Sensor Pack license key?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

1. Background

The Azure sensor pack license mechanism is based on a file that stores a string of characters and numbers that you receive from AutoMonX sales team. It is either an evaluation license or a production license.

2. Azure sensor pack license types

All Azure sensor pack versions prior to 4.x had a single license file called AutoMonX_AzureLicense.dat. This file contains the license for monitoring Azure resources for a single Azure tenant.

With version 4.x of the Azure sensor pack a new license file was introduced, to handle the discovery and monitoring of multiple Azure tenants. This new license type is stored in a file called Automonx_AzureTenantLicense.dat.

3. Activating the Azure sensor pack license for a Single Azure tenant

In version 3.23 and higher, you can activate the licenses of the Azure sensor pack by opening our UI and selecting the Settings Tab. Select “Azure” from the Product drop-down list (if not selected) and paste the license strings you have received via email to their respective fields in the form below and press Update.

You can also activate the Azure sensor pack by editing the license file(s) via Notepad, pasting the relevant license string(s) you have received via email and saving the files.

4. Manually editing the license files

In order to apply the license manually, please follow these steps:

4.1 Go to the sensor files located at the PRTG Probe installation directory under


4.2 In the Azure sub-directory find the license file as seen below:

4.3 Open the AutomonX_AzureLicense.dat file with Notepad.

4.4 Paste the license string you have received from AutoMonX Sales team into AutomonX_AzureLicense.dat file.

5. Apply the new License - Restart the Service

Re-start the Azure Sensor pack service via cmd (Run as Administrator)

Check the current status of license in PRTG. Below is an example how the evaluation license status will look like:

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