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Data Visualization Engine

Data Visualization Engine

AutoMonX has developed its Data Visualization Engine (DVE) in order to provide an extremely easy and scalable way to store and display data collected by monitoring tools such as PRTG Network Monitor, in other platforms such as InfluxDB, Grafana and DataDog. Coupled with the AutoMonX data analysis engine, this powerful product can utilize any numeric sensor in PRTG, store its data in InfluxDB and display it in various user friendly ways in InfluxDB UI, Grafana or DataDog Observability platform.
DVE supports a flexible architecture where all or some of the components are on-prem or in the cloud of your choice. 

Looking for a central Dashboard for several PRTG cores ? AutoMonX DVE is just what you have been looking for!

DVE Main Features

  • Rapid deployment - 10 minutes to value (depends on how many sensors PRTG is monitoring)

  • InfluxDB and Grafana automatically preinstalled

  • Easy configuration to select specific sensors, devices or even groups to import from PRTG to DVE by using Tags

  • Pulls data from PRTG every several minutes

  • Built-in Dashboards 

  • Can import historic data !

  • Can work on a single node or in distributed architechture 

  • DataDog Integration NEW 

  • Single Dashboard for Multiple PRTG Cores NEW 

PRTG metrics in DataDog
PRTG metrics in Grafana

Integrate PRTG data into DVE  in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Download the DVE installer and run it

  2. Request an evaluation license and update the license file

  3. Set tags in PRTG to mark which PRTG Sensors, Devices or Groups you wish to see in your Dashboards

      See this blog entry for quick       


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