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PRTG Health Reporter

PRTG Health Reporter

AutoMonX has developed a tailor-made Health Reporter for large deployments of PRTG. Now you can get a comprehensive report on the status of your PRTG deployment. Core and probe servers are scanned for their operating system status of Memory, Disk and PRTG services. General monitoring health indicators are also gathered and included in the report.


Compelling reasons to use PRTG health Reporter:

  •  Must-have for PRTG enterprise deployments

  •  Vital infrastructure issues easily detected 

  •  Lands every morning on your mobile !

  •  Unlimited number of Cores and Probes 

  •  Can run from any  Windows machine

  •  No installation required

  •  Report sent via email

  •  Monitor Mode - Sends email notifications   when problems happen - NEW

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