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Smart Notifications for PRTG

Smart Notifications 

AutoMonX has developed a smart filtering mechanism for PRTG notifications, called Smart Notifications. The smart filtering mechanism provides reliable and focused monitoring notifications to the Network and Systems administrators by re-routing and filtering-out unnecessary noise. Smart Notifications provides additional custom notification channels to 3rd party monitoring systems and dashboards as well as other notifications targets not available natively in PRTG

​Available Notification Channels 

  • Simple Notification email (no graphs)

  • Rich Notification emails with full functionality (after Smart Filtering)

  • Custom SNMP Traps with rich variables and properties for Northbound integration to Enterprise Network monitoring systems

  • Telegram application notifications

  • Syslog alerts 

  • Offline / Air-Gaped mode NEW 

  • DataDog Integration - NEW 

  • Any additional external executable is supported

Why should you use AutoMonX Smart Notifications ?​

  • Reduce Noise: Smart Notifications reduces the monitoring notifications noise - only the relevant network and systems issues are routed to the right Network or Systems administrators. 

  • Correlation:  Built-in correlation abilities allow to further reduce the noise during severe network outages and let Network and System teams to focus on real problems​

  • Visibility: Smart Notifications is coupled with Smart Notifications Reporter that allows PRTG administrators to get insights on the flow of notifications, their top destinations and top devices that initiated the notifications.

  • Simplify PRTG alerts configuration: Smart Notifications allows to considerably simplify the configuration of notifications and primarily use Down notifications on the global PRTG level vs creating multiple settings in various locations of the PRTG device tree.

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