Linux Sensor Pack

AutoMonX Ltd has developed a custom PRTG sensor pack for monitoring various flavors of Linux servers. These unique sensors are extending PRTG to monitor multiple aspects of Linux server performance, utilization and security. The sensor pack currently supports auto-discovery and monitoring of 14 sensor types

Why should you use the Linux Sensor pack ?

  • Quick on-boarding of multiple Linux servers

  • Get complex systems monitored in minutes

  • Various authentication schemes (Key, Username/Password)

  • Multiple Linux distributions supported 

  • Multi-cloud and on-prem Linux assets centrally monitored (Azure, AWS, Oracle etc)

  • Linux System Load 

  • Linux CPU Utilization

  • Linux Memory Utilization

  • Linux Disk Capacity

  • Linux i-node Capacity

  • Linux Security Log 

  • Linux Messages Log

  • Linux NTP status

  • Linux Open Files (per user) 

  • Linux File Montior

  • Linux Processes Status

  • Linux Services Status

  • Linux Process Performance  

  • Linux Overall Status


Manage your Linux servers in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Download and install PRTG Free Trial

  2. Download the Linux Sensor Pack and extract in EXEXML directory

  3. Request an evaluation license and update the license file

  4. Run Linux Auto-Discovery and add results to PRTG via Monitoring automation