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Requesting a License

Updated: Apr 11

In order to request a license for any of the AutoMonX products, it is required to send us the machine host name and IP address where you plan to install one of our products.

You need to run the LicDetailsLocator.exe utility on the Windows machine you plan to deploy our product(s) on, and send us the output. We will promptly provide you with an evaluation license.

In order to use the LicDetailLocator.exe utility, follow these steps:

1. Download and run the product installer to deploy the product

2. For products that are supplied as a zip archive, extract the product zip file to a temporary directory (i.e. C:\Temp)

3. Open the Common sub-directory inside the AutoMonX folder

4. Run the LicDetailsLocator.exe utility (by double-clicking on it)

The LicDetailsLocator.exe will create a new text file: machineDetalis.txt

The machineDetails.txt should look like this:

Fill our Evaluation Request form (available on any of our product pages)


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