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Beautiful Dashboards for PRTG with AutoMonX DVE

Updated: Feb 17

AutoMonX has developed the Data Visualization Engine (DVE) to provide an easy and scalable way to display Beautiful Dashboards for PRTG with Grafana and InfluxDB. It uses the popular Grafana user interface, that shows the data collected by a monitoring software such as PRTG. The Data Visualization Engine can utilize any PRTG metric sensor, import it to InfluxDB and display it in Grafana. AutoMonX DVE contains pre-built dashboards and allows you to quickly get started and share visually appealing dashboards with relevant teams in your organization.

Steps to rapidly deploy DVE

1. Download the required software packages to run the Data Visualization Engine

2. Start the installation of Data Visualization Engine which would install and configure Grafana and InfluxDB for you.

3. Request an evaluation license from AutoMonX sales team - the information you need to send to us appears during the

The installation is a no-brainier, just make sure to modify the installation path if the default location is incorrect.

As soon as the installation completes, a Configuration Wizard is launched. Make sure that the PRTG connection details are correct and that you have added the default tags in PRTG either networkAMX or systemAMX to the relevant PRTG Groups. Below is an example how to add a tag to PRTG.

Obtaining evaluation License - while running the Configuration Wizard, make sure to collect the license-related information and send it to our sales team via our website: or via email:

The networkAMX PRTG tag is used to import network devices and populate automatically the Network Team dashboard.

Connect to the DVE Dashboard

Access the dashboard by using the following URL:

Default user: admin

Default password: admin

It is strongly recommended to modify the default password.

Dashboard Examples

Network Team Dashboard

The systemAMX PRTG tag is used to import network devices and populate automatically the System Team dashboard as seen below.

The third dashboard type that is available by default is a Top10 Interfaces dashboard that looks for network interfaces with networkAMX tag.

It should take about 10 minutes (depending on the number of sensors in PRTG) from the time you download the DVE product until you have Dashboards with data.

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