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Who is Monitoring the Monitoring systems ?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Large PRTG installations have multiple probes and some have multiple cores as well. AutoMonX came up with a PRTG Health Reporter to give you a daily heads-up on how your monitoring systems are doing. Installation is pretty straight forward - there is none.

You just need to download the latest release of the PRTG Health Reporter, extract the zip file to a local drive of your PRTG server (or any other Windows machine).

Setting the Health Reporter is pretty easy as well:

  • Configure the INI file (PRTG server and probe details)

  • Create a credentials file (PRTG username and password required)

  • Add a scheduled task to run the PRTG Health reporter. Make sure to run it with a user that has admin credentials to the PRTG Cores and Probes.

.....and voila - you have your PRTG infrastructure covered

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