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What to do if AutoMonX Windows service cannot start with Error 193:0xc1 ?

In some rare cases, one of the Windows services created by AutoMonX is crashing as soon as it started. If all the tests in the Checking Configuration option of our UI are marked as OK, follow the procedure detailed below:

  • Try to manually start the relevant AutoMonX service via the Services console

  • If the service has immediately crashed, review the System or Application Event Logs of the Windows server, the sensor pack is installed on, for the this message:

Cannot start the service on local computer. Error 193:0xc1

  • Such error message may also appear as a pop-up window when you try to manually start the service

  • If such message is found, you need to search the root directory of your machine (i.e. C:\ drive) for a file called Program. Typically it is a small file with no extension.

  • Another option, as suggests this article may be a file called Common under the Program Files directory.

  • If such file(s) are found, go ahead and rename or delete them

  • Restart the AutoMonX service

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