How to Collect Azure Sensor Debug Information

Your experience using the AutoMonX Azure Sensor Pack for PRTG is important to us. If you encounter any difficulties we recommend that you open a case with our support team at This will help us improve your experience and increase efficiency.

In the support process we might need the debug logs, here is how to activate the service debugger.

  1. Go to the PRTG sensor settings.

  2. Add the argument "-dbg"to the AutoMonX_AzureSensor.cmd

This will activate the sensor debug mode upon the next run of the sensor. The logs will be stored in the default PRTG sensor logs directory.

If you want to change the location of the debug logs follow these steps:

  1. Go to the AutoMonX_AzureSensor.ini file which you'll find in the Azure sub-directory of the AutoMonX file.

2. Change the value of the variable DEBUG_LOG_DIR to the chosen location.

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